Yesterday I turned 30.  Pretty glad about it actually.  I've always heard that your 30's are great because you quit caring about what people think about you.  I kind of couldn't agree more- in the sense that I def feel like putting myself out there more and not being so affected by the feedback I (feel like) I receive. So here's to a decade of going for it.

So go on with yo bad self!!!

I might even make my husband take dance lessons with me.  I've always wanted to look good on the dance floor when I actually get to attend a wedding.

Here I am getting ready to blow out the candles on this awesome cake my friend Troy made me. (Everyone is singing me happy birthday and it's kind of making me feel uncomfortable- I nervously took pictures of my cake to avoid looking around)

This is my awesome cake.  It has a TORNADO on it!!!!

So while this will be the decade of going for it-  it will not be the decade of delusion.  I know Ernie is never going to take a dance class with me.  It was a nice thought.