doin' stuff

I don't remember exactly where we were or what we were doing but the other day Ernie said to me, "we should like do more stuff, you know like, go see things."  (ok, I doubt he said like so much but this is me retelling)  but I knew if the homebodiest of all homebodies was telling me we needed to get out more than maybe it was time for a life check. All fall and winter we were consumed with house rebuild/bank things and then with my Mom's surgery and cancer treatment.  (not that she would let me help her that much- she's never one to "put anyone out"- classic southern woman)

but I am kind of taking this spring as a rebirth.  Time to put my focus back in my business, time to make quality time for friends, and time to you know, like go do stuff.

And to prove that I am out and about- here's Patty and my friend Jen at the Hob Nob Jazz series at Koka Booth.  Sidecar social club and Peter Lamb and the Wolves were awesome.  Don't let the empty background fool you, there was a great turnout, we were just on the outskirts. 

and here's me and Ernie at the digital interactive exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum.  It's a pretty awesome exhibit.

see?  doin' stuff.