Julie and Jason

I admit I've been hibernating over here, but the wedding bookings are creeping in and I am getting super excited about the way 2013 is shaping up. While in my winter hibernation my dear sweet sister got married in a quiet, mid week ceremony on top of a winter mountain.  It was perfect.  She rented out every room at the Gideon Ridge Inn  and we had the run of the place.  What a glorious place!  Each morning I woke up in a king size bed next to a roaring fire before meeting my nearest and dearest around the breakfast table.  It could not have been more perfect.

Playing a little music around the fire and the Christmas tree in the living room the night before the wedding.

The breakfast element of this bed and breakfast.

The view from the breakfast table.  (and the view from pretty much everywhere at the Inn.  Be still my heart. 

Julie brought in a make up artist and a hair stylist so the ladies could get their glamour on.  They were awesome and I felt like a diva!

Julie made Jason the most beautiful photo book that covered the entirety of their relationship.  It was really stunning.  He opened it before the wedding.  She's watching a video of him go through it. So so so sweet.

Jaime is impressed with how well these ladies clean up!

Jason's momma. 

A lot of time was spent around the HUGE fireplace in the living room on these big comfy leather couches. Lots of catching up happened here. 

Julie and Anna, her best friend since 6th grade.

Just because I have spent a lifetime on the receiving end of this face. 

Instead of gifts the couple asked for ornaments.  They received some really sweet ones.  I had their favorite photo turned into an ornament, Mom had the details of their day, including the bible verse read in scripted on a glass ornament. One of the sweetest was the one their friends Abe and Kathy gave them that Kathy's great grandmother made 100 years ago.  Very beautiful.

What you don't see of this day is the mountain top ceremony and the amazing 5 course dinner we all sat down to.  Sometimes I just have to put my camera down and be present in the moment.  (don't worry, there's sweet photos of these events taken by another photographer)

Happy marriage to my dear sweet sister and her husband Jason.  Can not think of a more perfect day for the two of you.  Was such an honor to share it with you.