Kate and Charles

Twelve months ago I didn't even know who this couple was. Two weeks ago I photographed their wedding.

In the time between that they bought the house across the street from us and have become such a wonderful gift in our lives and some of our very favorite people.
and since Ernie spends a lot of his time working out of town these days I appreciate seeing their light on when I get home late from work.  It makes me feel not so alone knowing they're just across the street.
So thank you dear sweet neighbors for letting me be a part of this day.  (and then for letting me quit and eat friend chicken and drink bourbon!)
I am so so so thankful to have you across the street.  Nothing like some backyard beers with some great friends.

and the nice thing about being across the street is that it's easy to walk on over for a day after brunch.  

I totally gave this cat that muffin.