Melissa and Jeremy

Jeremy took a chance on a good girl. A good girl who is smart, funny, down to earth and can drink a beer.  (I hear she even likes football)

and not to mention she's a little bit stunning.

I'm gonna go ahead and call that a total package.

Melissa and Jeremy were married in a sparkly evening cocktail party with a wedding tossed in.  The Cotton Room in Durham did not disappoint as a stellar back drop for this beautiful wedding.

Got to love arriving at a wedding to find all the ladies sitting around sipping champagne and watching an NCSU game.  (that's all I had to see to know that these were my kind of people)  NC State!!!!!

the shoes deserve their own blog post.  

Just a little refresher before a walk down an isle.

Thank you guys a million times over.  I totally loved being a part of this amazing day.  You guys are so golden.

and Jeremy- you ain't so bad yourself.  You might just deserve that total package.

Love you guys!