Mike and Nicky

I've known Mike and Nikki since they were high school sweethearts. (say it with me, awwwww) So it was SUPER fun to get to spend an afternoon with them and to meet their beautiful little girls.  We reminisced about the good ole days and got all caught up with each others lives.  It seems like no time has passed but the days of rock and roll and all nighters are long gone and have been replaced with lullabies and falling asleep on the couch before 10pm.

When did we get so old?

man, I love those sweet little red curls. 

Coda wants to see what's in the camera.  Love it.  She is a total ham and one of the absolute most fun little ones I have ever photographed. 

Loved meeting these charming little girls.

Thank you guys so much for letting me snap a few of your beautiful family!