My Ernie

I posted this on my old blog for our one year anniversary.  While most of still stands I've made some amendments:

happy three years of marriage and 12 years together to an awesome life partner.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you for being my rock and telling me jokes when I most need to hear them. (even if they're not always very good)

thank you for -for letting me borrow your old nikkormat for my photography class when I was 18.

-buying me a darkroom for my 19th birthday (that I still can't part with despite the fact I haven't used it in about 10 years)

-for singing the 3's company song with me while driving in the car

-agreeing to let me rescue a saint bernard and then agreeing to let me rescue another and then another one.  (see a crazy dog lady trend here?)

-buying me that 35mm canon

-talking me into buying the house we did, you were right.

- and then when that house got hit by a torando- thank you for putting it all back together again.  Even while you did all the work you still say things like "can you imagine if I had picked out the paint?  that was all you!" Or, "I really love that tile you selected"  If it weren't for you I'd still be standing in a pile of debris.

-all the late night, early morning and mid afternoon dog walks where we hash out life, figure out a plan, and daydream about the future.

-all the sweatpant mexican dinners

-for singing all your made up songs

-for being so motivated in your life and expecting me to keep up

-for always replacing my headlights because I forget to turn them off in the daytime.

-for letting me take a life break and travel to hawaii with you for 5 months

-for all the beers

-for always reminding me "we're not motivated by money" even when there's not a lot left.

-for being so excited for me whenever I book a wedding.

-and for always encouraging me to do what I love for a living.

So while year one was a glorious extended stay in hawaii, year two was a doozy- it showed us what we're made of and how much we need each other.  I may have not talked to the builder or bank as much as you did but I just hope that I served as a pretty solid rock to lean on when times got tough.

Seems like year 3 was about getting back on track and remembering our goals and setting back out towards them.

Love you sweet man.  Happy 3 year anniversary.

Us in 2000 when were both at NCSA.  Ringing in the new year in 2005.  Our first St Bernard Mesa.  (she passed away in 2007)

At The Contemporary Art Museum on my 30th birthday.

Getting all tornadoed. 

Riding on the Virginia Creeper for Ernie's 30th. Our friend Tom took this while we were visiting him in Portland OR.