my people

If ever I feel ungracious about anything that I have been given in this life (which I try to make almost never) I always think back to this very photo. Not a day goes by that I am not a little bit humbled by the people that I have the pleasure of calling my friends. Shifts my attitude right back to being one of gratitude.

I know I've posted this photo before but it often deserves revisiting in my life.  Here's my friends and family (not pictured) showing up to our home the day after a tornado hit to pack up our whole lives for us.  Everyone works full time, has kids, has responsibilities, had everything going on but they show up.  They just show up anyway.  I am so humbled.

What remained of the house got packed up in about 6 hours.  Record time!  So as we approach our 1 1/2 anniversary of the tornado I say a big thank you to the people in my life.  Dang, I just don't think I could do it without you!

and now I am reminded to check in on one of my best girlfriends- she started a new job this week.