Rachel and Mark

Oh boy.  Oh boy.  Am I ever excited to share this one with you.  The lovely Rachel and Mark tied the knot 3 weeks ago in the beautiful Brooklyn Art Center (it's a big old rehabilitated church now serves as a music venue and a skate park, yes, a skate park)  in the heart of downtown Wilmington.

Aubree is a hair stylist bridesmaid extraordinaire (for reals.  I want to tuck her away in my pocket and pull her out when life calls for me to look extra fierce)  

I want this in my life.  Something tells me I couldn't quite pull this off as well as Rachel.

Who doesn't love a man in a uniform?

Rachel and her sweet sweet Momma.

dang... that's a good looking group.

Patty gets a shot of the couple laughing at how amazingly hilarious I am.  (or maybe they're just being polite and laughing at my cheesy jokes) 

Feel pretty spoiled that we got to take a minute to head down to the river front for a few photos.  I LOVE downtown Wilmington.

Getting ready to make an entrance.

the tables!!!! the tables!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean really.  Salt Harbor Designs made such magic happen.  Not sure if a table ever took my breath away before but it certainly did here! Pie!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously beautiful space.

We took advantage of this awesome balcony for a little mid reception photo shoot over looking the city streets.  Love it. oh man.

Thank you Rachel and Mark a million times over for letting us be a part of this really, really, really beautiful wedding.  Loved every minute spent with you guys and your hip and awesome friends.

Rachel- I am holding you to that dinner next time you're passing through Raleigh.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!