the end of an era

We've been busy packing up over here.  Heading home.  I can honestly say that I thought we'd never get there.  It just took so much to get here that I felt certain someone was going to take it away from us. I've never minded packing so much in my life.  Certainly not a chore.  A blessing.  I'm blessed.


These scribbled out words are what got packed into the box the day after the tornado hit.  By a friend, not sure who.  Watching Ernie scribble those out and write it's new contents on the top gave me such a feeling of gratitude.

Thankful to the friend who labeled this box. Thankful to the friends who showed up that Sunday to help us pack our lives.  Thankful for the friends and family who have helped so much along this journey. They've lent an ear more often than I am sure they felt like.

Thankful for finally getting to move back home.