We need to talk

I don't think we've ever had a conversation about these sweet little albums I offer.  I think we should.  Why?  Cause they are so pretty, so sweet, so simple and so affordable. My brides are a little modern and they like simple elegance.  My KISS  books don't disappoint.

They come in tons of beautiful colors and you have the option of leather and linen. 

How big of a KISS do you want?

There’s the cuter-than-kittens Little KISSes, coming in at a petite 4x4. The 8x8s make for great parent books. The 10x10 is perfect for any occasion. And, if you want big impact, you go 12x12. Opened, the 24x12" prints will feature your wedding spectacularly.

Don’t miss a thing.

Our pages lay beautifully flat, so you don’t lose any of the image in an unsightly fold. Each spread can be presented in all of its glory due to our modern binding and block-building processes.

and of course...Each KISS Book is delivered with its very own swank, sexy, cloth dust-covers.